In Australia there is a group of wild boar hunters who refer to themselves as “grunter hunters”. They usually take part in this activity during the weekend in between their working weeks. Even though their numbers are growing, they still find themselves unable to contend with the massive population of boars in the country.

In recent years there has been a large increase in the amount of feral pigs in Australia. The problem has become such that the animals now outnumber humans in the land down under. It has been estimated that there are at least 23 million wild boars roaming free.

Hunters use a combination of high powered rifles and hunting dogs to thin out the numbers of these animals. It is not uncommon for these people to also use weaponized trucks to cull boars faster and on a larger scale. There are teams of “grunter hunters” in the vast forests, plains, and mountains throughout the country.

This epidemic of wild boar has had its origins traced to the explorer Captain Cook. He released foreign animals such as pigs into the wilds of Australia centuries ago. The purpose of this was to have food readily available when the country was eventually colonized by the British Empire.

However, the climate has allowed them to thrive on an epic scale. This is due to a number of factor:. There is plenty of food for them to eat. The climate is ideal for breeding. Aside from rare crocodile and dingo attacks they do not have any natural predators.

These creatures have also grown in size over the years. Their teeth are notorious for being able to gore humans. They have even been the subject of a creature feature horror film called Razorback.

One of the most unfortunate developments is the fact that their meat has become inedible. Humans cannot eat it due to the diseases and parasites that have infected the beasts. This means that not only do they need to be culled, but also they provide no nourishment for the hunters.

They have become one of the worst pests in the entire country. Every year they cause millions of dollars worth of damage to farmers. They often eat crops on a massive scale. They also are a threat to the native creatures of the island. A number of species have even become endangered due to wild boar activity.

Queensland in particular is suffering due to their numbers. This is thanks to the tropical climate of the area, which attracts the animals. The farming group Agforce have voiced their concern, stating that there is “no question” of the increase of wild boars throughout Australia. The group have called the species the biggest problem currently faced by farmers.

The demand for wild boar culling has helped to popularize the sport of pig hunting. Today it is one of the most common activities throughout rural Australia. A culture has arisen around this sport. There are numerous competitions that focus on hunting these creatures. There are even magazines dedicated to it, one of the more unusual being Bacon Busters.

There are currently no clear government incentives put in place to deal with the problem, therefore it is dealt with on a local level. “Grunter hunter” groups are one of the few things keeping the boar population from increasing even further.