Wild boar is one of the most interesting animals you can hunt. This is especially true if it’s your first time out on a swamp, forest, or wherever this remarkable beast lives. Wild boar also makes for a tasty meal, as they are essentially large pigs. They are actually descendants of the pigs we keep as livestock.

Wild boar can be cunning and evasive animals, despite their pig-like features. So you will need to pack some essential supplies and know a few things about these majestic creatures before you go on your first hunt.

The following is a brief beginner’s guide to wild boar hunting and here if you want to know more on live betting.

Carry an Appropriate Weapon

Hunting rifles and other firearms are the best weapons for taking down wild boar. The skin of wild boar is formidable, so it’s hard to pierce with hunting knives. Wild boar are very territorial animals, and will charge at the slightest provocation.

Here are some weapons you should carry on your next wild boar hunt:

  • A compound bow
  • A high calibre pistol (.45 or .50)
  • A large calibre hunting rifle
  • A 12-gauge shotgun
  • A hunting rifle

Review Local Hunting Laws

You can’t just walk out of your house and start shooting up wild boar. There are protected sanctuaries, while some territories require you to show a hunting permit. Some regions allow wild boar recipes only during culling seasons, while others have quotas. Be warned: violations of game hunting laws tend to draw stiff penalties.

Rules on Baiting

Rules on baiting wild boar vary from place to place, but hunters generally have to bait these wily creatures. Corn and nuts are the most preferred food for bait. Hunters like using corn, since hogs generally love it while other animals don’t. Nuts are also a great lure, especially when left on the trail for a while.