The best time to hunt wild boar is at night. These cunning creatures have adapted to typical hunter behaviour and forage mostly at night. But night-time hunting presents a host of challenges, both for seasoned and novice hunters alike.

For one, the dark affects visibility. This makes it harder to locate, let alone shoot down, this wily prey. It can also be quite cold at night. The following are a few tips that will help you find and take down you next wild boar:

Use Feeders

Wild boar have a well-developed sense of smell and are more intelligent than they appear. These creatures can smell you up to 11 kilometres away. However, the scarcity of food in their natural habitats makes hunters’ bait too alluring to resist.

Packing a feeder with natural foods is a great way to lure wild boar out from the shadows and into your crosshairs. Corn, nuts, berries, and acorns all make for irresistible bait. Automatic feeders are excellent for getting the job done. You can set them up in well-lit areas and wait for your prey to take the bait.

Discreet Lighting

No doubt, doing wild boar hunting in Australia can be difficult, especially at night. Using a light, therefore, may be the best way to score a kill shot. Low intensity lighting is your best bet while tracking down wild boar. You don’t want to spook wild boar, because they don’t shy away from confrontation.

Red light is ideal for wild boar hunting in Australia at night. You can attach these lights onto a feeder to illuminate the area and give you a clear line of sight.

Choose the Right Hunting Ground

Classification of wild boar varies across the Australian territories. Some regions have large boar populations while others don’t. With this in mind, you should read all the rules and regulations to know where you can hunt legally. Luckily, many regions provide hunting permits, even for night-time expeditions.