Welcome to our website which focuses on the hunting of wild boars within Australia. These creatures were first introduced into the country by famous explorer Captain Cook. Unfortunately they have increased in population to the point where they are now considered pests.

No other animal has had such a negative effect on the farmers of this country. Boars frequently cause millions of dollars worth of damage. They destroy crops and ruin the livelihoods of people living in rural areas.

They are also having a negative effect on the native creatures of Australia. This is because they practically have no natural predators. The climate is also ideal for them to breed in large numbers. This is the main reason why they are endangering a number of other species in the country.

On this site we have a number of articles detailing boars and the hunting of them. One of the main things a hunter needs is an appropriate weapon. One of our articles gives advice on which kinds of guns to use. This includes the things a person needs to consider before making a purchase. It is our hope this will help to make the hunters as effective as they can be. We even talk about the more humane methods available, as well as the more cruel ones that should be avoided.

In one article we expand on the main reasons why wild boars have become such pests. We focus in particular on the country of Australia. The article is useful for those who are studying the geography and history of the country. It gives plenty of interesting facts on the subject.

We also talk about depictions of these animals in popular media. Wild boars have been represented as overly aggressive creatures, particularly in horror movies. We discuss some of the key examples of this. We even delve into ancient history and how these animals were depicted in older stories. This article will be particularly handy for media students.

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It is our main goal to educate the reader on the subject of wild boars. We want to clarify the main reasons why their populations need to be controlled. Currently their numbers are rising, and they are creating serious issues for the people of Australia.

There is now a popular culture of hunting the creatures in this country. We wish to promote this activity in a cruelty-free way. The hunting of these animals should always be done in a humane and lawful way.

We hope to promote more responsibility in the hunting community. We also want to stop the negative portrayal of wild boars in popular media. These animals are not nearly as aggressive as they have been shown to be. And while their populations certainly need to be controlled for the good of native species and agriculture, this must be done professionally and in as kind a way as possible.